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Colin Ginn

Here's a little Background on yours truly. My name is Colin and I come from the market town of Bedford, the second oldest borough town in England, which makes me a Bedfordian born and bred. I am married and the father of two young men. As the years rolled by I finally decided to get out the much crumpled bucket list, yes that's right the bucket list, we all secretly have one but seldom would admit to it. At the top of mine was to write and publish a book, and although with a couple of false starts the stories started flowing onto paper. With a couple of Novellas at the editing stage and Novel finished. On the 4th May 2018 I achieved my goal.

My interest in writing was resparked in August of 2014 when I met up with Jessica Gomez, an Indie Author at a Facebook event. We have since become good friends, I joined her Street Team and got involved with promoting her books on Facebook which I found to be great fun. Over time I got more involved with the Indie book world, which only highten my wanting to write.

So what do I write about? My stories are set in and around the Blue Lotus Club, which is an high-end Gentleman's Club fulfilling the needs and fantasies of it's very wealthy and Influential clientele. The young ladies who do the fulfilling are all beautiful most are working to pay off their debts to the owners. You may think this is a little seedy and I suppose to some degree it is, but let me just say that all the Flower Girls of the Blue Lotus Club as they are known, have a contract, they get paid and have the finest of living and working conditions.

The style and content of my stories fall in the.. well quite frankly I wasn't sure what genre they fell in. They are not full on erotica but have more sexual content than a love story, so I went out on a limb and and said they where soft erotica if there is such a thing, I now say they are Dark Romance Stories.

My aim is to to keep writing the Flower Girls series for some time to come. Mainly because I love the characters and they have not done telling me their stories just yet. I have also just started writing some companion stories to the Flower Girls series which are set away from the Blue Lotus Club and bring to life some of the background stories of the Flower Girls and their clients.