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David Bergsland

David's art & design career began in 1967 with the promotional materials for his rock band. After he was graduated in 1971 with a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Minnesota, he immediately began working in publishing, beginning as an illustrator. By 1979, he was working as a graphic designer in West Virginia. In the early 1980s in Albuquerque, he developed skills as a graphic designer, typographer, and art director in-house for a commercial printer.

Beginning in 1991, he began teaching the commercial printing program at a large technical-vocational school. By 1996, he was developing and heading up the Business Graphics digital publishing program at that school.

In 1994 he began designing fonts which he used to format his first textbook, "Printing In a Digital World", released in 1996. He began teaching online that same year as well as publishing ebooks for his curriculum. By 2002, he was publishing through Lulu, then Createspace, then Kindle, and then all the rest. He began writing and publishing full-time in 2009.

Though most of David's books are about typography, graphic design, font design, and book design, he has also been teaching scripture since 1974. Since that time he has normally taught one to three Bible studies a week. Once he began writing and publishing full-time, he started releasing verse-by-verse, and topical Bible studies. His vision is to share his experience with young authors.