Satan top secret book of the damned

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Courtney Williams

This is the unfolding PROPHECY of C.S WILLIAMS amazing spiritual encounter with god,
claiming how god gave him insights to revelation mysteries not even biblically
documented, being the foundation of all ancient prophecies and unanswered mysteries.
He proves through the dynamical PROPHECY of his thesis, that god inspired him to
document the revelations which unlocks the ancient mysteries of mankind’s existence,
SATAN, ANGELS and god’s very own origin. C.S WILLIAMS claims that the unprecedented
release PROPHECY of these formerly secretly reserved revelation prophecies, is
undoubtedly god’s mercy sent intervention to the sinful immoral decaying world; to
prepare them for the judgment of the coming millennium led by a satanic dictator
portrayed in the BIBLE’S book of revelation.
This religious PROPHECY book is like no other oracle because for the first time it shows
how hidden undisclosed prophetic revelation concerning the biblical sinful fall of SATAN
and the fallen ANGELS whom are the deceiving god'’ behind all new age occults, reveals
the mystery PROPHECY of the eternal purpose between god and mankind; showing why
members of the born again Christian sects are the only religious people whose divine
calling is established by the resistance of SATAN through men and are yet expected by
god to make disciples of all men.