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Paul Enns Wiebe

Paul Enns Wiebe grew up in the Idaho Outback. Very early he found that the life of irrigating spuds, driving trucks, repairing fences, digging ditches, and chasing deranged steers across the open range was quickly losing its fascination. This discovery led him to the halls of higher education: Bethel College (Kansas) and The University of Chicago, which  sent him away to a basketball-crazed university on the Kansas plains and eventually gave him a PhD. At Wichita State he taught comparative religion and literature and performed the duties of his chosen profession: translating and writing books, composing footnotes, and arriving late at the meetings of those committees of which he could remember being a member.

But his mastery of the academic proprieties was never solid. So it came as no surprise to his colleagues when he resigned his tenured position and, in an attempt to recapture a vanishing sanity, took to writing comico-humorous novels.
Wiebe now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Elly.