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Donna V.

Raised in South Florida and presently residing on the island of Hawai'i, Donna was a former university professor and fashion designer.

It was her extensive travel which began at a very young age that created an intense interest in multi-national culture, eventually leading to a Master of International Business Administration (MIBA) degree - providing the entry to a career as a professor of international business. Donna's belief that we are all here on this beautiful planet to experience life lessons and be of assistance to others as they travel their "spiritual road" through life led her to become a successful author.

She has completed the first part of her commitment to the Divine to do his work in our world today with the six-book series, "Mind, Body, and Spirit." The second half of that promise is sure to include both private and public speaking engagements and continued international travel.

In the future, Donna looks forward to enjoying her well-established active outdoor lifestyle featuring "open water" swimming and outrigger canoe paddling. Her path has been an exciting and very fulfilling one and she plans to keep generously sharing her "gifts" with others as long as she lives. As Donna says, "This is a guarantee..."