The Dead of Wynter: In the Beginning

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Jennifer Ritter

Writer, researcher and word artist Jennifer Ritter was writing before she entered Kindergarten.  The Snow White volume of the Walt Disney Reading Library Collection served as her first spell check.  Since then, Jennifer has written for various newspapers, magazines and online journals as well as a number of ghost writing publications that must remain nameless.  She is also the author and illustrator of books such as How to Tell the Difference Between a Zombie and the Cable Repair Guy , Is That a Mummy in the Drive Thru? and You are Not Special and Other Harsh Realities in which the author's true style came out as well as her lack of artistic talent.

When not enjoying time with her children, charities and beehives, Jennifer splits her time between freelance projects, fiction writing, and her blog where she writes the columns 'Jenerally Speaking', 'The Con Game', 'Confessions of a Bitch', and 'Spanking the Monkey'. She makes her home in green country, the Midwest, and on the sofas of several friends' apartments when on the road.

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