The Choice

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About the author

V.P. Nightshade

A realist that started writing her first manuscript and creating other worlds and characters in elementary school, V.P. Nightshade, when not running her two businesses, can be found absorbed in a gripping, bodice-ripping, novel which usually has fangs or claws. She has spent her life reading and writing paranormal and romance novels and short stories with an eye to how otherworldly creatures would truly function in the real world and publishing was always on her bucket list.

V.P. has an MBA, is wife to a man who is so grouchy it is actually funny, mother to two wickedly handsome sons, and would love to be a grandmother one day, but her children seem to be stubbornly against it.

Comments from Readers of The Choice:
"Just finished the book. It was great. It grabbed me from the beginning, It made me laugh, cry, mad also. Loved the characters. I need the second part to this book to see the full transformation, their love story begins and when they help her son transform. Don't leave me hanging."