The Will of the People

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Robert Smith writes books. After a lifetime of what can only be described as work, he now follows his passion and writes books. Books that make you think; and books that cross genres. Alternative history, sci-fi, contemporary and historical narrative non-fiction.

The Southeast Asia trilogy spans the formation and magnificence of the Khmer Empire, the builders of Angkor Wat in "The Kings of Angkor," and moves onto the kingdom that finally conquered the Angkorian empire in "The Kings of Ayutthaya." The trilogy concludes with "The Kings of the Toungoo Empire," the largest empire in the history of Southeast Asia, and one many have never heard of. If you are visiting Cambodia, Thailand, or Myanmar these books are the perfect companion. If you are interested in a history with which you are unfamiliar then these books introduce you gently as a narrative rather than as a staid history book. Comments are hard-won but the one I like for the series is a simple one-word review "immersive."

From the self-published "1809; The Year They Freed the Slaves" to the published "The Kings of Ayutthaya" to the contemporary "The Will of the People," his nine books (to date) will either make you question what you think or introduce you to something with which you are unfamiliar. "1809" will make you question why slavery in the United States was not ended earlier, "The Kings" will introduce you to the development and magnificence of Angkor and Ayutthaya, and to the capital of the Toungoo Empire, Pegu - a splendid city, one eventually destroyed by conquest.

"The Will of the People," ("The New World Order," in paperback) is set ten years in the future and is a fast-moving political thriller that makes you question what you believe. As one publisher put it, "Hugely entertaining, but not for us." A recent addition is the "The Revenge of the Druids," a blend of historical fiction, horror and the supernatural and one where the druids do exact a terrible revenge.

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