Away Home

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L K O'Neal

A brief bio. I worked for a long time in the energy business helping protect the reliability of the bulk power system across the country, and as a consultant in the energy business before turning full time to writing. 'Away Home' came to me when I visited a small town in Pennsylvania for my grandmother's funeral. Growing up, my parents took me regulartly to their small home town on holidays to visit the grandparents. After a thirty year absence, I was stunned to see that nothing of any substance had changed in the town when sea changes in the name of progress had occurred everywhere else on the planet. This overwhelmed me with the power of a place that existed just fine almost as it had always existed. Not one thing was a tradition to be preserved and practised every year, but eveyrthing was a tradition to be preserved and practiced every day. Change was made unnecessary because the age old art of living a good life does not need change.

I've also written a non-fiction book entitled 'The theory of Everything Else,' an engaging look at a new world view of the interconnection between all of us and the Universe at large that may well be the engine behind our best ideas and aha moments, but also moves our world and the Universe forward.

To round out an odd composium of book subjects, I have written the first book of a quadrilogy about an apocolyptical biological seige designed to enable the replacement of the world's many failed governments with a single world government. The first book of this fictional series should be available in the spring of 2019.

L K O'Neal