Beginner's Guide to Playing the Piano Professionally

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Elvine Robert

Born and raised in a Christian home, at the age of nine, started taking home lessons on playing the piano. At age 17, he became the lead pianist in his church choir as he was found to outstand the rest and till date, remains dedicated to his choir. Elvine Robert has gone to various seminars where he teaches music theory, voice training, etc. to different choirs, music groups, etc.
In 2010, He discovered that he wanted to do so much more, and so took his passion for music to the next level. He went into music production. Got his first gig two years later in 2012 and since then, has been producing, mixing and mastering, and looking for ways to improve.
His career as an Author started with writing articles, poems and songwriting. Elvine Robert is a professional pianist, a singer and a music producer whose musical career revolves around the church setting.

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