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Mack "Cordell" Moore

Christian Author Mack Moore is exposing the Antichrist Movement or what most refer to as the Illuminati in a series of books titled "Illuminati Secrets Revealed," His first book in the series "How The Illuminati Uses Rap Music" exposes how the Illuminati uses rap music to promote hidden agendas. It's a book that's very explosive with more books coming in the future. In the book you’ll discover cloned rappers, blood sacrifices, a gay agenda, and other things the Illuminati doesn’t want you to know. Mack has been researching the Illuminati and conspiracy theories since 2007. The Illuminati keeps trying to recruit this author, but he refuses to worship the devil. Why? 

Author Mack "Cordell" Moore believes in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He is an author with a unique story! This author is a virgin saving himself for marriage. It hasn't been easy for him. Christ has given him the strength to remain a virgin. Only Jesus and His Word helped the author battle through years of depression. Now the author writes to offer words of encouragement to others who are seeking depression help and a depression cure by showing them how much Jesus loves them, whether they are saved or unsaved. He also writes to teach believers about scripture and the authority of God and the importance of improving their bible study. This will lead believers to grow closer to Christ. Born and raised in North Carolina, his passion for Christ is evident in whatever he writes. He has been writing books since 2008. 

He has written two other Christian books: "Cordell's Poems of Spiritual Inspiration and "Tough Lessons from the Bible." "Tough Lessons from the Bible" is the second book written by Mack. His first book, "Cordell's Poems of Spiritual Inspiration," is a very powerful book of inspirational poems. This book helps to motivates others and helps with those dealing with depression by helping to build self-esteem. "Tough Lessons from the Bible" is a thought-provoking book on bible study lessons that's compelling and is filled with controversial knowledge. Tough Lessons covers 26 very hot button topics such as gay marriage, abortion, pagan history of Christmas, to name a few. It answers certain questions like: What does the bible really teach about homosexuality? Is God real? Is Jesus the Son of God Is Christmas pagan? Is abortion a sin? Both books are available at most retailers. This author has a unique style of writing. He writes with a sense of urgency as if it's his only chance at getting his message across. Mack has knowledge of scripture like a minister. He is led by the Holy Spirit to do the Lord's will which is to teach scripture and its interpretation.