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About the author

Nita Marie Clark

Nita is an alumna of the School Of Life Experiences. Graduating with a master’s degree in positivity and an associate degree in fun and laughter.

Growing up, it was the challenges and triumphs of friends she found on the pages of books that convinced her, that with perseverance happy endings are always possible.

That belief played a large part in her motto of “Life is to be celebrated, bad times happen good times are created”.

As a mother of two daughters and four sons, Nita led an active life volunteering in Parent-teacher organizations, scouting, and many other charities. She served for many years as a librarian at her children's elementary school.

Like Nita, many “stay at home moms” have discovered the role of motherhood and volunteer although valuable, do not come with a pension plan.

At almost fifty, she began searching for a way to be self-sufficient. Calling upon her creativity and sense of humor to create a unique enterprise and become a successful entrepreneur. That business still thrives today. Nita also shares her expertise with others wishing to own their own lawn greeting business.

Now at eighty years old and a great-grandmother (of course, to the most amazing Grands in history), despite limited vision, Nita has started on a new path. With the support of a loving husband of more than sixty years, a very talented daughter, and great-granddaughter, Nita has combined her love of children and a love of the written word to create, The Secrets Of Zen Castle, a trilogy for middle-grade readers.

The first volume, The Royal Search for Shenanigans is written to entertain and hopefully ignite an interest in the past.

When shared between generations Nita would be delighted if her work began a dialogue about the reader's own unique heritage. At some point, we will each be known as an ancestor. Our struggles and successes will become a piece of our own family's history. It does not matter the level of fame or fortune, we each have a unique story to share. Those details should be put down on paper. To someone someday it could be the most amazing thing ever written!