Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy

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About the author

Dr Sean Eastwood

Originally an accountant and computer systems analyst Dr Sean Eastwood retrained as a chiropractor because of a fascination with the link between physical pain and emotional stress.

The global mental health crisis and the inability to find "true" Artiicial Intelligence have the same solution - the human thought process is a precise series of steps, like playing hopscotch; an algorithm and natural law.

Since 2013, Dr Sean has been studying the work of a now-deceased Australian software developer who claimed to have found this natural law of thought in 1999.

The result of Dr Eastwood's research are fractal blueprints for human thought and perception which accomodate all forms of physical and energetic medicine.

Stress-reduction, mindfulness, energy psychology and healing techniques are the street sweepers of emotional debris. Fractal  blueprints for thought and perception are the street maps guiding the way.

Alan Turing, famous for shortening WW II by cracking German ciphers as depicted in the movie The Imitation Game, merged mathematics, computer science, psychology, and philosophy to create machine learning.

Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy and the associated Thought Martial Arts online courses are an extension of Turing's work as it applies to human health.