Dorothy Lyle In Hunted

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About the author

Ella Carmichael

Ella Carmichael came late to writing, having – somewhat ironically - written herself off many years earlier. 

She currently lives in a small town in the UK, where she obsesses about the shortcomings of modern technology, while simultaneously drooling over computers with really big screens. She adores Netflix and sugar, but abhors reality TV and mustard. 

She loves detail, and becomes extremely frustrated by individuals who insist on speaking in bullet points. Those individuals, in their turn, would happily shoot her. Except, of course, the UK has very strict gun control, and the Brits aren’t inclined to carry unlicensed firearms in their handbags and briefcases. 

Ella loves to hear other peoples’ stories and is fascinated by the human condition. She firmly believes that our flaws are what make us interesting, and that humans were not designed for perfection – a most boring state of affairs. 

Fortunately for Ella, she has never met a non-flawed human, and consequently continues her quest for the next great story without perfection getting in her way.