Funeral Singer: A Song for Marielle

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Lillian I Wolfe

Born in a different century, Lillian Wolfe migrated from the western part of Texas to Los Angeles where she lived for a few years before moving to Nevada ̶̶  first Las Vegas, then Reno.  She now makes her home in the Washoe Valley area and loves the life in Northern Nevada. She worked with computers and as a technical writer and trainer for several years for a major gaming manufacturer before her retirement.  For the past few years, she's turned her attention back to her first, and on-going love, of creative writing.

She published her first book, "Funeral Singer", in 2015.  A paranormal suspense novel, it explores the possibility of another life after death as a musician's accidental head injury allows her to see and interact with ghosts in an ethereal cemetery. Is she really talking to them or is it just a hallucination? The second book in the series, "A Song for Menafee" is available at Amazon now, but both of these will be moving to other platforms soon.

"O'Ceagan's Legacy" is the first book in a science fiction adventure series, following a family-owned merchant ship from an Irish colony in the Dragon Star system. It's a rollicking ride through space with a little romance thrown in.

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