Greybeard, The Ghost of 489

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Sherry Hutchison

The best gift my mother ever gave me was my first library card at age ten. I was that book geek hanging out at the local library every Saturday. I stepped through those doors into an imaginary world in which I could be anyone, do anything. Writing became my muse. Writing was my passion as I kept my secrets in a little jornal carefully hidden away from prying eyes.
​​​​​​​I am a multi genre author writing in a, ya/fantasy/paranormal series, ghost/lore/paranormal romance as well as psychological thriller series. I also create the fae charaters Zazz & Oberon, in the anthology known as Ytherynia: Gifted Blood Academy. They have their own schooled fae series" also out. I can't forget my "angels among us series" I also create.
​​​​​​​You can find me happily secuded most of the time in my imaginary world as I create kingdoms, fantastical journeys and yes even a few nightmares with my fur-babies Max & Maisie by my side. I'm always chasing those lights, just leave reality behind.