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Nevaeh Wright

Nevaeh Wright has been an avid reader from a very young age and, with the childlike innocence of a 9 year old, decided she liked books more than people. During her stormy teenage years books saved her life and later her venture into fan fiction was a natural extension of that. That's how she stumbled upon slash fiction (M/M fan fiction) and fell in love.

Today she pays it forward by writing spicy feel-good gay romance on Wattpad for her 10,400+ followers, the same readers who told her that they would buy her books if she ever published them. Well, here you go: you’re reading this because she took that scary plunge :).

By the way, since becoming a writer, she has realized that she actually did like people, because she loves her fans more than any book, and enjoys their reactions to her little cliffhangers and sexy scenes so much it keeps her writing deep into the night.

Nevaeh lives in an obscure country in the Southern Hemisphere with her temperamental cat and two pot plants, and dreams of her own happily ever after that includes all those spicy bits she writes about.

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