Stock Market Investing Ultimate Guide For Beginners: Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham Intelligent Investor Strategies How to Make Money

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Robert T. Stock

Robert T., born 1968, is an American engineer with a diploma in Wealth Management, in the Private Banking industry since 2001 with extensive corporate and fiscal knowledge. Besides more than 15 years of successful experience in the banking industry, Robert has being a passionate stock market investor as wellHis investing career Robert started by purchasing his first stock ithe early 90`s and ever since he did not stopNow, with investing on stock market he was able to gain his financial freedom and to enjoy his retirement. 

Except being passionate about Stock Market InvestingRobert is very passionate about helping other people to take control of their financeand create the life they want. 

Regarding his decades-long experience and success he gained by investing on the stock market, the knowledge he possess is invaluable.