BRAXTON'S CENTURY: An Epic Novel Spanning The Globe And The Greatest Century

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J.R. Strayve, Jr. was born to a nomadic military family, attending nine schools before entering college. Following service in the United States Marine Corps, he raised a family. It is here that he discovered his talent for “spinning tales,” regaling his young children with spontaneous bedtime stories. His passion for history spoke to him. He spoke back and wrote the epic alternative historical series, Braxton’s Century. Book 1 was published in January 2021. Book 2 Will be published in the summer of 2021 with books 3 & 4 to follow. He is currently co-authoring a sure-to-be best-seller blockbuster non-fiction detailing a Whistleblower exposé. His first novel was and remains controversial: First Spouse of the United States, published in March 2019. A sequel is soon to follow. A short story, The Lieutenant & The Vintner is available on Kindle.