The Supremacy

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Eric Peter Brown

Eric Peter Brown:

Born in Rochester, New York, I was a child who loved adventure in my life, and on television. At age four, I was already caught in the web of action and would climb onto rooftops, fall off them or crash through them, brush myself off and try it again. As I grew so did my attraction to things that held an aire of danger–of risk.

I demanded no less from my television shows. No longer did shows like Sesame Street and its slew of age appropriate kids shows do it for me. My interests were Lost In Space, the Wild, Wild West, Land of the Giants, Batman, Mission Impossible, and the list goes on. Star Trek (original) came on past my bedtime, and was too adult for me at the time. However as I grew so did my love for science fiction, action, adventure, fantasy, and the supernatural (werewolves, vampire, witches, etc.) And yes, I eventually was old enough to watch Kirk and Spock.

In school as early as four I was writing and creating adventures and actions and dotting them on paper. In High school my talent for story writing increased, but I made the same mistake most writers made, I mimicked what was popular with my own spin on it. I had to change that. When time came to go to college, I was excited and all set, and knew what college I wanted to attend. Then a wall was placed between me and my passion to write. Ill-equipped to overcome that wall at the time, I allowed it to derail me for a great many years.

It is said, “Everything happens for a reason” and whoever started this line was absolutely right. Although I’ve taken the long road back to where I’ve always wanted to be, it has given me time to think long and hard about what I wanted to write. Something that has never before been introduced.

Something that carries positive messages, but will not alter what I’ve created, and can only add to it. The story must be intelligent, well-written, include all the ingredient genres which I love so much, but most importantly it must be original. To do this I must change the formula for science-fiction that has been used for the past two hundred years in literature and film. Thus…

“The Supremacy” was Born.