The Secrets She Buried

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Neil Turner

I discovered the thrill of losing myself in the pages of a book as a five- or six-year-old when Beatrix Potter and Thornton Burgess immersed me in the worlds of Jerry Muskrat, Peter Rabbit, and their furry friends. My mother and father had the good grace to indulge my childish exuberance about being able to read them stories, which I thought was pretty darned cool. I've been reading and writing one thing or another ever since, but it was many years before the audacious idea of writing a book wormed its way into my head. I've lived throughout Canada, spent three years in Europe, and lived in Chicago and Arizona, somehow managing to squeeze a career in banking and finance into my travels. After doing an apprenticeship reading, reading, reading, taking courses, attending seminars and conferences, and churning out some truly atrocious manuscripts, I began writing and stockpiling the Tony Valenti series of thrillers. The series will total four published novels by the end of 2021, plus a free prequel novella for members of my exclusive Reader’s Club. There will be more titles to come in 2022 and beyond, probably at the rate of two or three per year. Stay tuned! ​
​​​​​​​I currently reside in Canada's national capital of Ottawa, Ontario.