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Scott Peters

Scott Peters writes adventures for middle-graders who love to explore the world. 
In addition to writing, the author has created over 300 museum, science center and theme park installations for such places as the SMITHSONIAN, WALT DISNEY WORLD, PARAMOUNT PICTURES, and the WASHINGTON CHILDREN'S MUSEUM. Peters also helped design an interactive TV show for the NICKELODEON CHANNEL. 

"I write the kind of stories I would have loved to have read as a kid, when I was 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12. Mysteries packed with adventure that make a kid feel smart, like he or she is traveling somewhere really amazing and learning neat things in an interesting way--not dry old facts in some textbook, but experiencing it--and solving a puzzle to become a hero at the same time!"

Scott Peters runs an ancient Egypt blog that gets over 1,500 visitors a day. Thirsty for a ton of cool facts? Find a treasure trove at Scott's blog: