Identifying Your Purpose

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About the author


Meet Mirriam Salati-Oppong, a multi-talented woman with a heart for ministry and creative pursuits. She is a minister, author, graphics designer, business owner, and a pastor's wife who has dedicated her life to serving God and others.

Mirriam's passion for ministry began at a young age, and she has since devoted herself to spreading the love of Christ to those around her. As a minister, she is known for her inspiring sermons and teachings that touch the hearts of those who hear them. Her messages are full of wisdom and encouragement, and she has a gift for helping others see the beauty in God's love.

In addition to her ministry work, Mirriam is also a talented author and has written a number of Daily Devotions that have touched the lives of many people. Her devotions are designed to help readers deepen their relationship with God and find comfort and hope in His love. Her writing is both practical and inspirational, drawing from her personal experiences and deep faith in God.

Alongside her ministry and writing work, Mirriam is also a skilled graphics designer and business owner. She has a talent for creating impactful visuals that communicate a message effectively and has helped businesses and organisations bring their vision to life. Her creativity and attention to detail have earned her a reputation as a trusted designer in her community.

Mirriam's dedication to her ministry work is matched only by her love and devotion to her husband, who is a pastor. She is actively involved in the life of the church and serves alongside her husband to help bring the message of God's love to the world. Her caring and compassionate nature make her a beloved member of the church community, and her positive spirit is contagious to all who know her. Look out for other books she has written along with low content books such as journals, notebook and prayer books.