Yoga: 20 Illustrated Poses To Relieve Stress & Depression and How Yoga Change Your Life

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Susan Philipps

Hi, I'm Susan Philipps, physiotherapist, visual assistant and promoter. Here's a little about me.
I am a life coach, fitness enthusiast and fitness trainer. I feel extremely blessed for the life that I lived. 
The purpse of a physical therapist is to restore and improve or to get the motion and function of the human body. I also work with people who have mental problems. People who suffer from depression, anxiety and stress.
I invited you to use my e-books as a resource to help you to achieve your goals and live the life you've always dreamed.

**My Story**

Growing up, I was extremely shy and introverted. I had lived my life as a negative, lazy, depressed young woman.

On day everything changed - I look myself in the mirror and finally had enough. I reached the point of "emotional threshold" and finally made a decision that would shape me life forever.
That decision was simple: I will NEVER settle for less than I can be, do, give or create!

I knew that I was so much more than what I was demonstrating in life. I knew I had potential, and had finally decided to tap into it.

I started a transformation that would lead me to the live that I feel blessed to live now. Oder thea years, I made many bold decisions to behin the design the life that U had always envisioned for myself.

First, I started focusing on improving my personality and self- confidence. Throughout high school, I was socially hopeless and had many insecurities. I simply didn't know how to relate to anyone, hold a conversation, or develop relationship with people.

The only way to transform myself socially would be to face my biggest fears around meeting people. I ended up spending years immersing myself in different social environments developing my social skills and confidence.

I also have an immense passion for health and fitness, and have made an incredible transformation in my physical body over the years.

And last but not least, travelling has been a big passion of mine. I have lived in different cities around the world and it's important for me to experiense life fully and enjoy every moment of it.

If there's any questions, comments or feedback you have for me - feel free to contact me anytime.


Susan Philipps