The Bookseller's Story - An Alex Slade Wicked Erotica Novelette

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About the author

Alex Slade

Alex Slade is a late twenty-something living in a shared apartment in New York City. She also spends a large amount of time in London, England, both as a job requirement, and for familial reasons.

She writes descriptive short erotic fiction.

During the day she pretends to be a productive employee of a small design agency. The reality is that she spends much of her working day staring out of the window of her office and fantasizing about the everyday people that pass by. Her stories are a product of obsessive people watching, a habit she finds difficult to stop at the best of times. She constantly creates life-stories for the people she encounters, and these become the basis of the characters and situations she creates in her writing. In most instances, these life-stories tend to gravitate rapidly towards her characters' sex lives and sexual adventures.

She writes original erotica, and populates these pieces with the often quirky characters she encounters.

When at home in NYC, Alex shares her (presently single) life with Hercules*, her overweight cat, and two roommates: a lawyer in training who moonlights as a doorman at a city nightclub; and a rarely home air-hostess who is having an affair with a co-pilot.

She doesn't use her real name for her writing to protect her cat from any unwarranted attention. And to also avoid any awkward conversations with her family, her slightly lecherous co-workers, her high-school English teacher (who insisted she'd never amount to anything vaguely resembling a writer), and any future partners of the intimate type that she may become involved with.**

Contact Alex directly via email at, or connect with her on Twitter @IamAlexSlade.

* Not his real name.
** Not only is Alex Slade not this authors' real name, very little else in this biography is totally accurate. She wasn't joking when she said she doesn't ever want her mother to find out about her second life