Ravaged Hearts

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About the author

Addison Bleu

Addison Bleu is a freelance author from the Sunshine State of Florida, growing up among its wonderful beaches and palm trees. She has seen her fair share of blue skies, and never fails to appreciate nature’s marvelous artwork.
She is a strong believer in happily ever afters, and is the diehard romantic in the family—outmatched only by her Yorkshire terrier puppy. She has been known to spend nights on the couch with her fluffy, black and grey furred companion, marathoning through every romantic classic ever made. She always lets her Yorkie pick the flick, and has never been disappointed with his choice.
She is lucky to have found her own happy ending, and is now married with two wonderful kids.
Addison is an idyllic visualizer, and it reflects strongly in her writing style. She finds much joy in bringing her characters together, seeing them pursue their love against all odds; but there is no greater pleasure in life to her, than curling up in the sunshine with a good book and a tall glass of wine.