Telling Tales

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About the author

Laura J Whiskens

Laura began writing as a hobby when she was still at school. Always very shy she never let a soul read any of her stories and sadly she has lost all of her old notebooks and discs from back then so can't salvage any of her younger self's work!

In Autumn of 2012 Laura began thinking about a book which she tried hard to dismiss - after all it had been around a decade since she had last allowed herself write anything. But the idea would not go away and so Danny Boy was born.

Apprehensively, she gave a copy to her parents to read - they were so encouraging that she found a way to publish it and got some fantastic 5* reviews. Since then she has published a further three short stories and two novellas.

Laura is currently working on two novels and a new collection of short stories. Telling Tales and Pieces of Me are also available in paperback.