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L.N. Amethyst

L.N. Amethyst is an author who has been writing ever since he was nine and often resides in the fantasy, science-fiction, and mystery realm. He is a spiritual and naturalistic person at heart who loves his plant-based diet and hopes to one day give back to nature. Amethyst would love to one day live on a peaceful tropical and humid island, or the cold vast lands of the tundra, either way, a painted smile will be on his face once he arrives. He also expresses the feminine part of him through dreaming of being a ballerino and by fashioning intricate headwraps.

   Amethyst loves to discover the unknown depths of his mind where magic is entrusted but understands the power of certain creations better left forgotten. He hopes to one day inspire the world with his literary works by hoping he can guide his readers into another materialized reality orchestrated by the unknown.