50 Ways To Stimulate Your Brain: Simple Tips To Keep Your Brain Healthy and Strong For A Lifetime

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About the author

Jim Turnbo III

Jim Turnbo III has spent most of his life (since he was 15 years old) devoted to fitness and nutrition. He has an immense desire to help people live long vibrant lives by attacking disease through prevention. In 2014 he published his first book “Beating Alzheimer’s – Life Altering Tips to Help Prevent You From Becoming Another Statistic” on Amazon.

After a decade of solely being a Fitness Professional, he found himself helping people in long-term care as an Activities Director. During his time in this position, it became more evident that prevention needed to take front seat in our society. Jim stated, “Our health issues have to be about more than masking the problem with medication! There has to be a focused effort in teaching people this simple fact: what you do today affects your life tomorrow. And more often than not it is in a bad way.”

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