Lessons in Shadow

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About the author

Kayleen Brookhurst

A proud advocate of pleasure, Kayleen Brookhurst is fascinated by the evolving social/sexual standards of modern culture.  She’s intrigued by our ever changing and rearranging etiquette and rituals for intimate relationships.   And concerned that conventional attitudes too often shame a person’s authentic self.  To her mind, sexual gratification is an exquisite pursuit, in any form but especially on the page, as long as it is shared by consenting adults.

Her writing explores a broadened scope of sensual adventure, following desire where it leads.  Finding love in unexpected ways.  Or not...  Remaining open to any path her characters choose, Kayleen’s work is surprising, provocative, and engaging.

Take the journey.  Be seduced by vivid, stimulating stories.  And then come back for more.  This author’s adventure is just beginning.