Application of the Perfect Redemption Plan 5

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Gery Malanda

Brother Gery Malanda is an extraordinary bond servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, with a strong, Prophetic and Evangelistic gifting, born in the Republic of Congo, expounds in his Bible Studies on his youth and Christian upbringing, as a personal testimony and example! He has a very close relationship with Jesus and has furthered his Knowledge of the Bible at The New Covenant Church Bible College in Manchester, United Kingdom, and graduated in 2010.
Having personally had an encounter with our Lord, he has the vision of evangelising and discipling the 50 European Nations, starting with Glasgow, Scotland. To this end, The Lord set him the seven year task of writing this significant series of bible studies called My weekly milk! These are written in English, his third language, having spent many years in France, but have retained his personal style and character! They emphasise how Jesus is using ordinary people, who want to move forward in ministry, with power, healing and miracles.
Now with a regular slot on TBN, he is presenting a program called "Voice of Healing", a spirit led preaching and teaching, accompanied by prayer and live word of knowledge.