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About the author

Melvyn C.C. Valenzuela

Melvyn is no ordinary name in the world of security; he's an achiever whose memorable journey spans four remarkable decades. Armed with a plethora of certifications including Certified Security Professional, Certified Security Assessor, Certified Security Training Officer, and Licensed Private Detective, he has become the embodiment of unwavering commitment and expertise.

But it's not just the certifications that define him; it's his resilience that sets him apart. Melvyn has triumphed over three ambushes, multiple assassination attempts, and the harrowing challenges of death threats and bomb scares. His life story is a testament to courage and an unwavering spirit that refuses to bow down in the face of adversity.

As a security consultant and private detective, Melvyn's contributions are nothing short of extraordinary. He's offered invaluable security assessments, consulted for international NGOs, and helped multinational manufacturing corporations navigate complex security issues. His detective work reads like an adventure novel - orchestrated heartwarming reunions, helping missing children find their way back to their families, and aiding an American executive in exposing an online criminal syndicate. He has also extended a compassionate hand to those grappling with infidelity, providing support and resolution to both male and female victims of cheating partners or spouses.

Melvyn's influence extends far beyond his security expertise. He's a trailblazing trainer, with his innovative methods revolutionizing productivity, efficiency, and crisis response for numerous multinational corporations.

But there's more to this versatile professional than meets the eye. Melvyn is a licensed Franklin Covey coach and a master life coach. He's also a prolific author with over 40 published book titles. His Authoblish™ method has empowered over 20 aspiring writers to see their literary dreams come to life.

Melvyn resides in the Philippines with his spouse, living a fulfilled and inspiring life. His journey serves as a vivid reminder that with resilience, expertise, and a dash of courage, you can overcome any challenge and emerge stronger on the other side.