Dream It, Write It, Publish It! An Australian Guide To All The Hard Parts No One Tells You About Self-Publishing

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About the author

Tiara King

Welcome to the insanely sparkly world of Tiara King: Author & Publisher, Jewellery & Accessory Designer, Wardrobe Stylist, Star!

Tiara has been creating jewellery and accessories since 1990 and turned her obsessive love for it into her company, Jewel Divas. She creates amazing one of a kind jewelled pieces of couture clothing plus jewellery to sell and wear, and blogs and sells clothes and accessories at her style site, Jewel Divas Style, a one stop blog for style, sparkle, bling and dancing under disco balls. 

Tiara is a tech-savvy business owner with a huge online presence and electronic footprint covering an overwhelming set of online personas across many social media pages. She sells her jewellery and other sparkling goods on her style site, publishes her books through Royal Star Publishing and also writes under two pseudonyms, non-fiction books and adult novels as L.J. Diva, and teen and young adult books as T.K. Wrathbone, all while taking on the overwhelming full time job of caring for her mother.

​​​​​​​ For even more information and links to her other websites and stores, visit – www.tiaraking.com.au