Payment Card Industry Professional: PCIP 3.0

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About the author

John Meah

John is a skilled writer who combines his writing talent with his cybersecurity expertise. He holds an equivalent level 7 master's degree in cybersecurity and several prestigious industry certifications, such as PCIP, CISSP, CCSK and MCIIS. He has spent over two decades working in IT and information security within the finance and logistics sectors. 

This experience has given John a profound understanding of cybersecurity practices, making his technology coverage particularly insightful and valuable.

He has honed his writing skills through courses from renowned institutions like the Guardian masterclass and Writers Bureau UK. ​​​​​Today, John writes content for Techopedia and multiple technology companies in the U.S. and Canada. He’s been featured in the InfoSec Magazine and Writers &

​​​​​​​John's writing journey enables him to present his books from a practical and resourceful viewpoint. With a passion for creative writing and a fascination for anything cyber-related, backed by his security background, his future projects include the CISSP Insider.​​​​​​​