The Morning Elixir of Life: The History and Art of Coffee

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About the author

Richard Krause

Mr. Krause lives in West Virginia, he is seventy-two years old, and he is a retired government worker, having spent sixty plus years living in southwest Florida. He has a degree in Network Engineering and Administration specializing in Computer Security, and has an extensive background in Environmental Sciences, he also has an extensive knowledge of private and public private security. He is married with two adult children and three furry four-legged children.

He has had a lifelong interest in herbal remedies and medicinal plants. Instilled into him by his grandfather, Arno Krause in western Pennsylvania at an early age.

Mr. Krause has been writing books and short stories since way back in 1982. Because Mainstream publishing overlooked his work he decided to move on to self-publishing. His first published work was "The Book On Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty / A Whimsical Guide to Payback and Revenge" Later works include "The Fine Art of Getting Even" ,"The Ancient Wisdom of an Old Shadow Warrior" , "The Plucking of the Golden Years Goose" a study on the scams, frauds, and abuses perpetrated against the elderly and how to recognize them and guard against them.

He is currently working on a space opera trilogy, "The Far Star Trilogy" consisting of "The Perilous Star", "Trouble on Tyree", and "Destiny's Star". He hopes to finish these works sometime in the foreseeable future.

His hobbies other than writing and reading are, scale modeling, he builds and paints 54mm military miniatures, cutting and polishing semiprecious gemstones which he has found on his yearly mining vacations and then turning them into unique handcrafted jewelry pieces, he also does gunsmithing on vintage and antique firearms.