Broken Souls

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About the author

Ella Shawn

Ella Shawn is a writer of all things darkly erotic.  Not the dark things that go bump in the night, but the dark musings that role around in the hearts, brains and souls of mankind. She spends most of her day creating worlds, beings, and languages... she readily admits she has a God complex, but even a Goddess must cook, clean, and pick up doggy and guinea pig poop. 

Born in Columbia, South Carolina, she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte pursuing a bachelors in English... she was back in SC after two years.  Money didn't grow on trees and even if it did... she wouldn't climb it to pick any off. Being a southern lady and all...

Upon her return home, she promptly enrolled in a technical college to save money. During this time, she began writing poetry, short stories and essays about any and everything. She noticed how her work always seem to dabble in the macabre and leaned more towards an erotic esthetic. At the time, she was not comfortable embracing that writing style and became more political in an effort to move away from the dark and sexy writing that came from her.

After entering The University of South Carolina, she found her courage and her pen.  Thanks to a writer-in-residence who challenged her short story about lesbians who fell in love with a twelve-year-old child, she knew she was on to something.  After reworking it, the professor told her, “This is your space… don’t ever be afraid to play and create here.” That was the beginning of her true love affair with erotica in all forms. 

Still too shy to share her work, she went into a respectable career as a high school English teacher and shared her passion for reading, writing, and learning with students for thirteen years.  After being diagnosed with lupus and subsequently narcolepsy with cataplexy; she left her teaching career to focus on her health.  With time on her hands, she picked up her old friend, writing and fell into her space. She shed her fear and began writing her first novel. It’s taken five years, but it was well worth the time and effort.  She has let a few people read her work and the response is usually something like... "Who the hell knew you had such a wickedly dirty mind?!"