Three Strangers Rob a Gangster

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Peter Brighton

I started writing 'The Secret World of the Plant People' after sitting down to create a short description of characters to help promote a product my then wife and I created for sale in garden centers. To my utter amazement a character called Uncle Twotrees started to tell me all about his world and introduced me to lots of characters. I coudn't stop writing as I wanted to learn all about this amazing plant world. Instead of a few words I ended up writing over 32000 words.

I then took a creative writing course, just to learn how to set up different formats, as I never plan any of my writing as it just somes naturally, and I never edit a single word. 
After the childrens stories I wrote a film script with many twists and turns that turned out to be the perfect length. I have since written other film scripts and TV comedy series, as well as, an adventure novel that I am near to completing.
I then retired to the Dominican Republic where I started writing more Plant World stories baaed on the people I met over here, as well as,  about animals, plants, bees, and birds arriving in Plant world.
I also write self printing photo booklets called ' Caribbean Cats', Penguins of the Caribbean' and personalized pet booklets narrated by the pet from pictures sent to me by the owner. See my website for more information including free booklets on wellness.