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Sanjoy Das

Hello friends,

My name is Sanjoy Das. I am a FMCG sales professional , I am associated with this industry for last sixteen  years. In last sixteen years I have worked in different  FMCG organization in Northeastern part of India . In last sixteen years I have seen rise and fall of FMCG sales professional,  Growth and degrowth  of FMCG company. But overall I must  say that  it is a great industry to work for .

I have started my sales journey from distributor’s sales man in FMCG industry. Presently I am associated with Prataap snacks Limited.  Always tried to learn new thing from my senior , colleague,  distributor and the market. Market gives us opportunity & challenge, but we need learn from challenge and catch the opportunity.

In my topic I will tell you about my knowledge and experience about this great  and evergreen industry. Also I will tell you how  I have  got job in this industry , from preparation for interview to getting a job .  It will be great for me to share  about my working style as a typical FMCG sales professional .  Also for the channel partner I will share my experience for this industry .




                                                                                                        Sanjoy  Das