Slip-Slidin' Down Gold Mountain

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Edward Orem

Edward Orem’s mind-body studies began in 1964 and have included such diverse disciplines as Burmese kick-boxing, Shaolin Boxing, Hatha yoga, Kuang Ping T’ai-chi Ch’uan, Hsing-I Ch’uan, Kundalini Yoga, Pa Kua Chang, Chuan Fa, Tao Gah Chi Kung. His qualifications include B.A. in English, 8th Degree Black Belt (Zen Kempo-jitsu), 10th Degree Black Sash (Ch'uan Fa Kenpo), Certifications include Instructor of Tai-chi Chuan and Wu Shu Kung Fu. He was appointed to the Board of Directors, International Chinese Boxing Association, 2006-2011.

He has studied at American University, Georgetown University, California State University (Arcata), Nyingma Institute of Tibetan Studies, Chi-Kung Institute, and with 10 martial arts masters. Mr. Orem has taught privately in Wash., DC, Senegal, Guatemala, British Columbia, San Francisco, and Costa Rica, as well as through health and education service organizations. He has written, produced and performed in 30 training videos in the fields of natural health and fitness, martial arts, and has written several training manuals, as well as feature articles for a popular on-line martial arts magazine.

He was a regular consultant in stress reduction and instructor in exercise therapies with the Pitt River Indian Health Service, in northern California and has been Guest Lecturer at a community hospital, as well as Instructor at Central Oregon Community College. Workshops in various disciplines have been given in California, Oregon, and Florida. Mr. Orem offers private consultation in longevity arts, and teaches T’ai-chi Ch’uan, N. Long Fist, and Chi Kung through CenterPoint Integral Mind-Body Training, Costa Rica. Contact Mr. Orem through his website  Special attention and training: Golden Phoenix Rising (for mature athletes). Check it out.