You are Wabi Sabi : Your Imperfection is Your Perfection

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About the author

Luis Ruvalcaba

Luis is an avid fan of philosophy and spiritual teachings. A lot of Luis' work comes from his personal life and personal experiences. His fourth and latest release, Achieve A Better Job, Career, Or Work: Continuously is a step by step guide that comes from the experience Luis has had in the corporate world, alongside his working for achieving his passions. Luis has been working in different fields and industries and thus decided to share his personal tips to help others achieve their objectives.

His third book, The Runners Philosophy deals with his passion for running and the lessons that are learned while on the road, and how they translate to life lessons. 

His first book is about seeing oneself as a perfect being despite imperfections, covering mainly the topic of Wabi Sabi. His second book is related to minimizing things in life that cause problems and prohibit the freedom that can be found in life, which looks at Minimalism and the Minimalist mindset.

Luis is a constant traveler, living in different countries and going to different places to learn about other cultures and ways of life. Luis is a big sports fan and has played different sports for recreation.