I'm Still Here- What didn't kill me made me stronger and sharper

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Tamyara Brown

Tamyara is no stranger to obstacles while raising six beautiful children. She has been homeless, battle breast cancer as well caring for her son who has a rare kidney condition called Focal Segmental Glomersclersois and Nephrotic Syndrome. With all the odds against her she continues to persevere and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. She now currently resides in Buffalo, N.Y. She enjoys playing with her grandchildren, hanging out with friends and a good comedy. She loves to laugh.
She has risen against the odds by completing three full-length novels, Blue’s Treasure, Gatekeepers of Secrets and Fat Girl Vigilante. In addition, she has been published in four Anthologies, Voices Behind The Tears, A Homeless Cry, American Cancer Society: The Live Life The Day Dreamer’s Journal and No Face (February 2016). Her fourth novel, I'm Still Here: What Didn't Kill Me Only Made Me Stronger and Sharper will be released on March 3, 2017. 
She curently writes for Black WNY Magazine as a featured writer. 
Some of her accomplishments are recently winning Literary Jewels award for Best Poet. She placed 2nd in UBAWA First Annual Poetry. Her Blog, Tamluvstowrite Blog of the Month for November 2011, the Writer's POV Magazine. She has also been spotlighted as Artist of the Week in Pink Noire’s Lounge.
She continues to contribute to several other blogs. You can follow her on Medium as she has her own publications, Life, Love & Motherhood Oh My! Her favorite blog celebrating Unsung Sheroes . Her article was chosen by Life Hack: Your Story, your Experience, etc.  She has been a contributing writer of B.L.O.G Magazine. You can find feature articles about her in Imani Wisdom’s  Blog Pink Noire Lounge. As well as being featured on Jeane’ Elliot Bennett’s  At Home Biz. Priscilla’s Bookshelf, Kisha Green’s Literary Jewels, Hanifa Writes.