Elena's Angel

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Brenda Marie Conner

Name: Brenda Marie Conner Age: 27 Hometown: Quitman and Meridian,Ms Siblings: To brothers and one sister kids: none I am happy to introduce my first piece of work Elena's Angel to the world! Writing is a hard process. You have to be in the mood or nothing comes out right. I grew up in quite little town called Quitman,Ms for have my life. I read all the time and when I got old enough to start writing i started forming my own work. I had notebooks upon notebooks upon notebooks of stories, short and long, and poems. Over the years those notebooks got wet and missing. I hated starting over! I was just in love with the idea of reading my thoughts so I started over many times. When I finally got my computer I was overjoyed! I would be on it for hours at a time pouring all my thoughts on those lines. Years past family moved to Meridian and writing slowed down. I started working at 19 writing story ideas down on napkins trying to make a great story. Then one night an idea pops in my head. It was the story line for this book Elena's Angel! This story is very special to me because it is my first piece. No one has read any of my work since school so I was very nervous! I consider this to be like a child. I love every thing i put on paper. Well thats a little bit about me! Hope you enjoy my story Elen's Angel!