Implementation of a Central Electronic Mail & Filing Structure

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Patapios Tranakas

Patapios Tranakas is a contemporary thinker of our time and a well known writer; leader of the  writing school of minimalism and punctuality known as the Writing School of Thought. All of his paperback writings both of ISBN and ISSN format follow a particular structure. The writing technique consists of leaving large margins on the side of each and every page of the publication and to use footnotes instead of end-notes. Equally important is the omission of bibliography at the end of the publication. In the Writing School of Thought, every bibliographical entry, is only alive and relevant as a footnote in a particular page of a particular reference of a particular Chapter or Section. Outside that context the bibliographical entry cease to exist, is an unnecessary repetition and hence omitted. The bibliography at the end of the publication is replaced with blank pages for the reader to use those as a notepad. Likewise the large side margins of every page of the publication, serve for the same purpose. The publications are widely available worldwide by most means known and in a plethora of formats for the contentment of the reader.