The Gilded Cage

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Charles Gauthier

        Throughout all my life everything I have done has been to create more time to write.  After trying a writing job - and that didn't work - I thought teaching - summers off - plenty of time to write.  Well that also didn't work, what with divorces, vacations, worn out brain cells - much less beer.  So I got into the photography business while teaching, thinking if I could make my self-employed business fly, why I would have time to write!!  Well, that didn't work.  And of course I then got really excited about personal computers. 

       I spent thousands of dollars (that I did not have) and bought Atari, Commodore and TRS-80 computers (never heard of them? Thought so!) and learned to program for them - writing math educational programs.

        Well this took a LOT of time and was motivated by the thought, if I could make a living from this self-employed business, then I would have the time to write.  Right.  Well, that didn't work either as all these systems obviously failed.

         So instead of trying to find another way to live with a small business I just retired and suddenly I found - hey I have all this time now.   And so I recently completed my first of three novels I am writing - “The Gilded Cage”.