Burning Justice

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About the author

Helena Smrcek

Helena's first ever publishing attempt, during the second year of high school drew the unwanted attention of the Czechoslovakian State Secret Police. It was 1985, the iron fist of communism still firmly in place, left no room for freedom of speech.

Four years later, a teen refugee, struggling with English, Helena submitted three articles to The Mississauga News. To her astonishment, all three were published.  
Her dreams of a journalism degree disintegrated in the necessities of everyday life. As many new immigrants, she got a job and stuck with it. 
Writing on hold, Helena focused on her young family.   In 1999 she returned to writing as fiction set her heart on fire.  
"Burning Justice is my debut story, fifteen years in the making, countless hours, one focus – a sincere wish that my novels deliver style, substance and hours of wholesome entertainment to my readers. Enjoy."