Cognitive Warfare in the Age of Unpeace: Strategies, Defenses, and the New Battlefield of the Mind

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About the author

Josh Luberisse

Josh, a multifaceted entrepreneur and renowned author, has carved a niche for himself in the spheres of artificial intelligence, geopolitics, finance, and cybersecurity. With a myriad of authoritative books to his credit on these subjects, he is undeniably a luminary in the domain. Not just an author, Josh is also the charismatic host of "Innovate Now: The Pulse of Future Technologies," a groundbreaking podcast that unravels the intricacies of nascent technologies and the imminent future of innovation, accentuating on avant-garde progressions in AI, fintech, and quantum computing.

His eclectic professional journey is an embodiment of diverse experiences. From serving at financial behemoths like Citi, Bank of America, BNY Mellon, Morgan Stanley, to JP Morgan Chase, his immersion in the financial industry is profound. His multilateral expertise as a licensed real estate agent, tax advisor, and a sagacious planner for retirement and estates accentuates the depth and breadth of his knowledge, enabling him to write with an unparalleled, informed perspective. 

However, it's not just the financial world that has witnessed Josh's Midas touch. As an astute entrepreneur, Josh has birthed and nurtured several startups. His brainchild, Neuromorph Systems, stands as a testament to his vision. A future global tech titan, it specializes in data management, system integration, and artificial intelligence. With a mission to shield the pivotal systems of its global clientele and concurrently offer them unparalleled data management, visualization, and analysis capabilities.

In the realm of venture capital, Josh's VC firm, Other People's Capital, emerges as a game-changer. Dedicated to bolstering founders with groundbreaking ideas, the company's expertise lies in fostering and propelling enterprises that have the potential to define entire categories. With a track record replete with highly successful exits, Other People's Capital has a legacy of identifying and nurturing businesses that ascend to industry leadership.

Josh's journey, from his stint in the financial realm to his foray into the world of startups, underlines his unmatched expertise and vision. As a thought leader, seasoned practitioner, and an indomitable entrepreneur, his writings and ventures are not just about envisioning the future but also about shaping it.