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B.G. Cousins

B.G. Cousins has travelled the World, sort of. Trained as a metallurgist, his career took him to many places around World, although not to the touristy places normal people go. Most of the time, all he saw was the inside of the local airport and then out to the local mine. An avid reader of history and historical fiction, he spent many a layover at airports in their book stores.

He has always had ideas for stories from his vivid imagination, but never had time to do more than jot down notes. Then in 2015, during a lull in contract work, he took those notes and produced the novel. “The Locket”, which he self-published in the Spring of 2016. He prides himself in doing extensive research to make his novels as historically accurate as possible, weaving historical anomalies into rich stories of love, conflict and adventure. He has also produced some new short back stories for some characters from the novel

B.G. Cousins currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, with his wife, Carmen, his dog Piper, and his ever present bagpipes that he has been playing and travelling with for over 40 years.