The Colors of Life

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About the author

Radhakrishnan R

Radhakrishnan is an avid reader, a traveller who feels travel is its own reward the destination does not matter.

He spent years in traveling as part of his corporate job. As long as he remembers he always wanted to write and would keep writing his thoughts and poems in scraps of paper, his notebooks or whatever he could lay his hands on.

Over the years as his job took him to different places many of these writings were misplaced and lost.

Off and on a few of them were shared with friends who kept encouraging him to write and publish. During the pandemic he made the effort to collect a few of the poems he could trace and the current crop are selected from these and they range over a period of 30 years. His experiences shaped him and the perceptions in his writings. He now lives in the picturesque city of Cochin in Kerala with his wife and two kids.