Trick or Treat at Caynham Castle

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About the author

Caren Crane

Caren Crane grew up in Nashville, TN, and as a result has a passionate love/hate relationship with country music. However, she straight-up adores family, friends and men in boots. She blames her love of reading on a childhood light on TV and heavy on amusing oneself. Reading books was a lot more fun than playing with Barbies, and playing "library" beat playing "school" any old day. When she found Barbara Cartland paperback romance novels at the local library, the librarians were horrified but Caren was delighted.
She now lives in North Carolina with her tall, handsome husband and a very chatty and irascible rescue cat. She is sometimes visited by her three grown children, who are busy having wonderful lives and only require: beds during visits home, food at favorite restaurants, occasional phone calls and socks at Christmas. Which leaves her time to write funny, heartwarming stories set in her adopted home state and to investigate the Smoky Mountains, from whence her mother's people all came. She fills her books with families, friends and happy endings. Which all books should feature, in her opinion.