Kings Of Darkness: The Dracula's Legacy Saga (Volume 2)

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Lysa Hart

Lysa Hart is actually the pen name I've decided to use in order to compose paranormal fiction books not just to get a fan following or to get a famous tag, but also because I have a passion for writing and all. I like to read paranormal and romantic books, and I decided to become a writer due to my love for paranormal books. My books are typically short; however, they are loaded with astonishing events and suspense, which readers report they like most about my writings. I like writing short books on the grounds that I always come up with something new and different, so I never bore my readers.

I belong to a small family consisting of my dad, my mom, and a brother older than me who has blessed me with the only nephew I have and whom I like very much. I have been active in sports since my teenager years; working out is my other passion and now a habit that I can't live without.

I've been inspired by legends of the class like R.L Stine, and current powerhouses like JR Ward and Stephanie Meyer. I framed my own particular one of a kind style of turning stories that are immediately enamoring and alarming. A dare devil on a basic level, I invest some of my free energy participating in real life sports, yet some would say my other passion is just as exciting. 

If you enjoyed reading this book, please consider leaving a positive review. My objectives are always to get my readers interested.

I hope you enjoy reading my books!


Lysa Hart